About Us

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful ambition: to create a top-tier product that not only benefits our customers but also earns their trust.

In 2016, we took a bold step by establishing a Pasta plant in the heart of Central India, Indore with a simple question in mind: “Why import pasta when we can create the best quality right here in India?” What followed was an immersive exploration of the art and science of pasta production, including a journey to the cradle of pasta-making in Gragnano, Italy. We not only acquired cutting-edge technology but also meticulously designed our plant to meet international hygiene standards.

Our dedicated team and expert food technologists joined forces to produce premium pasta that could stand tall among global brands. We have garnered trust from hundreds of distributors and thousands of customers in India. Our unyielding ambition now propels us toward a global stage, where we aspire to extend the same trust and quality worldwide.

Our expertise in pasta manufacturing is well-established, and we have also expanded our product offering to include premium spices and seasonings. We continuously strive to expand our product range to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Our Vision

Our vision goes beyond merely placing our assorted offerings on people's plates; but to do so keeping everyone healthy and fit. We are deeply committed to delivering not just India's top-quality Pasta but also to keep enhancing our product basket with unwavering honesty, consistency, and excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that Finosta becomes a staple in every household, enhancing both the culinary experience and overall well-being.