Finosta Pasta is made 100% out of DWS (Suji).

No, we have a strict policy of not using Maida at our factory.


No, infact because of the raw material we use, it’s remarkably healthy.

8mins for ‘Al Dente’ and 1 minute more for a softer bite.

Our set of machinery and in-house expertise allows us to experiment with Pasta products using various raw materials and various shapes which in return fulfills the customer’s demand.

Yes, we do export to over 5 countries.


For the majority of the products it’s 24 months and for Ready To Eat, it’s 9 months.

Although our focus is majorly on DWS pasta and also pasta made out of Whole wheat, Multi-Millet, Quinoa and Beetroot, but YES, we can manufacture Gluten free on order basis.

Yes, Indore region a.k.a Malwa region has the best soil to grow top quality Wheat. It has the properties to help Pasta manufacturers in India to compete with Global manufacturers.